About Me

A little about me –

 Photography is my passion.

         I also enjoy creating digital art – sometimes from photos but mostly from my head.

         I try to find beauty in everything.  EVERYTHING …. 

         I almost have my MFA in Web Design and New Media. (3 credits left after this semester)

         I can read and write code. 

         Purple is my favorite color.

         Sometimes I use my head as my canvas. (see profile pic) 

         I love both the mountains and the ocean.

         I miss living on the coast.

         Elephants are the most amazing beings.  

         I do my level best to never discuss politics or religion.

         I never joke about coffee.  I drink it black/no sugar.

         Sky diving and bungee jumping are on my bucket list.

         I have a bird named Jeffrey and he argues with me.

This is Jeffrey arguing. 


Click here to see some of my Digital Creations.